Calpe 2018 Conference starts on Thursday

This year’s Calpe Conference, the 22nd in the series, commemorates the 170th Anniversary of the discovery of the Gibraltar 1 skull from Forbes’ Quarry. As usual, top international scientists will gather in Gibraltar to discuss the state-of-the-art, in a field which has been particularly productive in recent years as a result ofthe development and advancement of new technologies. This has been particularly noteworthy in the field of genetics which will be well-represented at the conference, which will include a presentation by Professor Svante Pääbo of the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig. Professor Pääbo is regarded as the pioneer in the field of ancient DNA studies.

The conference, organized by the Gibraltar National Museum, runs from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th at the University of Gibraltar. Itis free for local residents who are asked to register in advance. The conference will be inaugurated on Thursday at 9am by the Hon Professor John Cortes who is expected to make a significant announcement during his speech.


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