Heritage Environment Record

The Ministry for Heritage is compiling a Heritage Environment Record that includes all of Gibraltar’s antiquities and other heritage assets.

Many antiquities are already housed in the Gibraltar Museum but there will be others that are held by individuals who have either inherited them or found them. This would include things like cannon balls or military artefacts. There is a distinction between heritage items that have been in someone’s possession and can prove provenance and those that are found. The Curator would be interested in recording both items that are in ownership and items that have been found.

All items that are brought in will be examined. In the case of items owned by a person, these will be catalogued. For items found a recommendation will be made as to whether it should preferably be kept as part of the Museum collection, for which a receipt and acknowledgement would be provided, or that a licence is issued for retention of the item. This would allow the individual presenting the antiquity the opportunity to gain information about the item and to legally retain it, and this would not unreasonably be withheld, as the priority is the recording of the artefact.

The contact details are as follows:

The Curator
The Gibraltar Museum
18-20 Bomb House Lane

Tel 200 74289


Minister for Heritage John Cortes commented: “We are asking the public to take this opportunity to let the Museum record all those bits of our history that may be in homes, so that we can all be aware of the full richness of our heritage”.