Museum Winter Lecture Series starts this Thursday

The annual Lecture Series organised by the Gibraltar Museum commences this Thursday 9th November at the John Mackintosh Hall. The Lecture commences at 7pm and will be delivered by Professor Clive Finlayson.

The title of the lecture is “Restless Lives. Climate and the Ecology of Bird Migration”. In this talk Clive will draw on over forty years of studying the migration of birds and will also give an up-to-date analysis of how the field has changed as a result of the development of new technologies for the study of birds on migration. At a time when climate change concerns us all it is important that we understand the impact of climate on patterns of bird migration that may have been operating for millennia.

The lecture will cover a wide range of species and types of migration, from the tiny birds that cross the Sahara Desert twice each year to the long-distance trans-oceanic movements of pelagic seabirds.

The lecture is open to all and is entry is free of charge.


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