New additions to museum displays put on an appearance during National Week

As part of its programme of improving its exhibits, the Gibraltar Museum has received two commissioned works which have immediately gone into display. These new exhibits are real size lifelike models of a family of Brown Bears (female and three cubs) and an adult Bearded Vulture. These animals once lived on the Rock and their bones have been recovered from a number of caves in Gibraltar, particularly Gorham’s, Vanguard and Ibex Caves. In May of this year a new museum wing was opened by the Chief Minister. In it were two forensic reconstructions of the Gibraltar 1 and 2 Neanderthals, which have become popularly known as Nana and Flint. Another model was added at the time, that of a life-size Leopard, another member of the ancient Gibraltar fauna.

It is the museum’s aim to gradually populate its garden with realistic life size models of the animals of Gibraltar’s past. These particular models, created by artist Paco Ventura, are made to the highest level of detail and are selected, in conjunction with museum staff, to be in lifelike poses. The models are designed to be displayed outdoors.

In order to give as many Gibraltarians the opportunity to see these new exhibits, the museum will open its doors on National Day between 9am and noon. During this time local residents are invited to come and view the new exhibits free of charge, in this “mini-open day” coinciding with
the National Day festivities.


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