Gibraltar Museum works with Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service to clear up Gorham's Cave

Recently, the Gibraltar Museum in collaboration with Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) finalised some of the last clearance works of the Gorham's Cave complex. The area which has been cleared from debris washed up by the sea over many years, needed specialist skills to finalise the job in hand. This entailed the removal of old ropes laid out many years ago to access the higher crevices of Gorham's Cave.

A specialist team of climbers and abseilors from the GFRS, in conjunction with the Museum’s Caving Unit (GMCU) and led by Deputy Chief Fire Officer Colin Ramirez and Divisional Officer for Operations and Training Matthew Payas, climbed up to the cave roof using their ropes and ladders and removing the derelict items. Professor Clive Finlayson, Director of the Gibraltar Museum thanked the team for their efforts which has now left the site ready for the UNESCO World Heritage Bid. “I am delighted with the support received from the GFRS. It has completed the job and it has been done at the highest professional level. It is highly satisfying to have different sectors of our community coming forward to make our World Heritage Bid a success.”

Stewart Finlayson, the Museums Head of Natural History and also head of the GMCU, expressed his satisfaction at how the Museum’s Team and Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service had been able to collaborate in making this dangerous task a success. “It’s been excellent working with such a professional group of people. We are tremendously grateful to the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Services for their time and tremendous efforts and will always be open to future collaborations with them, with the Caving Unit more than happy to offer support and assistance should they ever need it”

Both the Gibraltar Museum and the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service would like to personally thank Nicholas Ferrary, Ian Bonfiglio and Francisco Giles Guzman for their first class efforts during the course of this work.

The Gibraltar Museum is confident that Gibraltar’s UNESCO World Heritage Bid is progressing in a positive way and is hopeful of success when the World Heritage committee makes its final decision next summer.