2016-17 Museum Lecture Series

The Gibraltar Museum in conjunction with the Gibraltar Scientific Society and the Gorham's Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site, is proud to present the 2016-17 Lecture Series: "Our Gibraltar".

All lectures are held at the John Mackintosh Hall, Charles Hunt Room at 19:00.

Entrance is free!


Past Lectures


3 November 2016

Dr Alex Menez

“To promote the objects of General Science” 

The story of the Gibraltar Scientific Society 


17 November 2016

Mr Tommy Finlayson

The Disputed Land


1 December 2016

Dr Christopher Young Christmas Special 

Gorham’s Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site Christmas Lecture


12 January 2017

Dr Keith Bensusan

The Stories of the Gibraltar Herbaria


26 January 2017

Professor Clive Finlayson and Mr Stewart Finlayson

What birds can tell us about climate change in Gibraltar


16 February 2017

Mr Marcello Sanguinetti and Ms Sue Davies

A journey through World Heritage 


23 March 2017

Dr Terrence Ocaña

The 'Limpet Habit' - An adaptation to life in the rocky intertidal


20 April 2017

Dr Geraldine Finlayson

Excavating a World Heritage Site


4 May 2017

Dr John Cortes

Saving Nature


18 May 2017

Mr Pete Jackson

The Five Stages of Tunnelling in Gibraltar


Upcoming Lectures


1 June 2017

Dr Liesl Mesilio Torres

The fate of heavy metals in the local environment


8 June 2017

Dr Darren Fa

Ecological Ghosts


15 June 2017

Professor Clive Finlayson

The Rock of Gibraltar: on its origins, evolution and exceptional geographical situation