Ice Age Europe meeting- Network of Heritage Sites

The Gibraltar Museum is a member of Ice Age Europe, a network of European heritage sites rich in Ice Age heritage.

The Ice Age is one of the most fascinating periods in early human history. The foundations of our culture today were established during more than two million years of Ice Age history; its relicts are among the key testimonies of our cultural heritage and of human development. 

Some of the most important Ice Age heritage sites are located in Europe, where human remains and rock art have been revealed, as well as campsites and living areas containing many exceptional finds. The importance of the sites is reflected in the fact that an increasing number of them have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO has even launched a special program known as HEADS (Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments) to promote this Ice Age heritage.

Network meetings are hosted twice a year by one of the network’s member sites. The Gibraltar Museum is an active participant at these meetings and hosted meetings in Gibraltar in October 2014.


Next Ice Age Europe network meeting:

Dates:               14-16 October 2018

Host sites:        Fumane Cave

Location:        Fumane, Valpolicella (Italy)